January 22, 2014

Instagram Inspiration

If someone ask me to pick a favourite social network, Instagram would be my top choice. Everytime I open my account there's pretty pictures everywhere. I spend a lot of time scrolling through my daily feed and all I see is sparkly images and inspiring pictures. With that though in my mind I decided to rounded up 10 of my favourites Instagram feeds.
 Se alguém me pedir para escolher a minha rede social favorita, neste momento eu diria que o Instagram está no topo da minha escolha. Cada vez que abro a minha conta no Instagram vejo imagens inspiradoras em toda a parte. Passo muito tempo a ver todas as imagens que aparecem no meu feed e vejo imagens cheias de brilho e bastante inspiradoras. Com este pensamento na minha cabeça decidi fazer o meu Top 10 de contas do Instagram, que eu sigo.
I'm a big big fan of Marianna's blog, she takes the most sparkly pictures ever!
If your looking for some amazing photos of all of the deliciously healthy meals, this is the right place.
Girly and dreamy that's all I can say about this one!
4. @parisinfourmonths
Like I've always hear, Paris is always a good idea, and following this is to.

5. @notyourstandard
She takes such beautiful pictures, it's all in the details and simplicity.

6. @thenativefox
If you like fashion you have to follow this one.

7. @sincerelyjules
Food, Fashion, Beautiful Places all in one place.

8. @brooklynblonde1
She creates the most amazing outfits, I love seeing all of her amazing images.

9. @blaireadiebee
Polished and feminine looks, that's with the blogger of Atlantic Pacific.

10. @emilyschuman
Love her blog, love her instagram too.


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